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In 2015, NSSF® was awarded a $2.4 million grant by the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance. The funds from this cooperative agreement will go toward reaching more people about the importance of firearm safety, as well as providing safety kits, including a gun lock, in Project ChildSafe® Communities throughout the country, to encourage responsible firearm storage and help reduce firearm accidents, theft and misuse.

In Oklahoma City, the initiative will provide local law enforcement agencies with thousands of gun locks to distribute at public events and at their office locations, complemented by a library of educational resources and information.

“By making the safety kits and educational resources available, we will help promote responsible gun ownership to members of our community that will have a larger impact in facilitating smart habits that will help keep guns safely stored away from children, at-risk individuals and criminals,” said Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty.

The initiative is also partnering with several local organizations representing conservation groups, mental health and suicide prevention advocates, veterans, retailers and hunting and shooting groups to help share messages and information about responsible firearm storage.

Their collective efforts will be backed up by community-wide messaging that that will appear in social media, in an upcoming public service announcement on TV and radio, and on billboards around the capital city region.



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